The Teachers

Master of Arts (Sport Studies), The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Arts (English Language) and Bachelor of Arts (English Language Teaching), The Open University of Hong Kong
Level 1 swimming coach, Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association
Level 1 surfing coach, International Surfing Association
Level 3 mountaineering and Level 3 sport climbing, China Hong Kong Mountaineering and Climbing Union
Top Rope Climbing Instructor, Association of Canadian Mountain Guides
Canoe Level 1 coach, Hong Kong Canoe Union
Challenge course High Event Level 1 coach, Challenge Course Association of Hong Kong, China

Teaches English, Nature Life Course

Loves mountains and ocean , enjoy climbing mountains and jumping into the water

Believe that kids’ learning should be delightful, teachers are here to develop their interest to explore. In nature, everyone is unique as they exist, with potential and meanings in lives to be flourished.

Little Fish (Yu Pei En)

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Secondary, Liberal Studies), The Education University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media (Critical Intermedia Laboratory), City University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Education (Special Needs), The Education University of Hong Kong

Teaches Chinese, Holiday School
Interests in reading, film, hiking, running, darts and … keeping bee in my bonnet.

Believes that every life in the Nature has one’s own way, human beings too.

Elaphure (Ng Ka Ho)

%e8%8c%84%e5%ad%90Bachelor of Education (Primary, General Studies and Mathematics), The Education University of Hong Kong

Teaches Mathematics
Enjoys reading, playing badminton, travelling

Loves spending time with children, appreciates their frank and innocent nature.

Eggplant (Cheung Hiu Ying)

%e8%9d%a6%e7%b1%b3Master of Arts (Chinese Language and Literature), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Bachelor of Arts (Chinese Language and Literature), Hong Kong Shue Yan University

Teaches Chinese, Maths
Enjoys reading, playing football and day-dreaming

Loves wandering in the ocean of books and running on the football field.
Loves striving for own goals and to search for happiness in life.

Little Shrimp (Wong Ho Yin)

白鷺Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Secondary, English), The Education University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Arts (Translation and Interpretation), Lingnan University
Diploma in Teacher Librarianship, HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education
Five years teaching experience in caput school
Founding member of R.T.C. Gaia School

Teaches English
Enjoys reading, hiking, singing, swimming, story-telling and cooking

Strive to live a green and simple life.
Believe that small is beautiful, less is more.

Egret (Choi Shan Yu, Esther)


Bachelor of Social Science (Sociology), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Teaches Nature Life Course
Enjoys hiking, swimming and reading

Can’t believe I have been working here for so long! It’s the longest job I have ever stayed!
Love the natural and free atmosphere here at school. Grow again as I see children growing everyday.

Maple Leaf (Wong Ka Ling)