The Teachers

Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics (HKBU)
PGDE in P.E. and Math. (HKIEd)
Loves Mathematics, Natural Science, photography, reading, sports, etc.
Taught in village school for 9 years, held the post of school curriculum leader
Current director and senior mentor of Gaia Association

Starfish (Yip Chung Sing) - School Principal

BA Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong (Main stream: Critical Intermedia
PGDE (Secondary, Liberal Studies), Hong Kong Institute of Education
BEd (Special Needs), Education University of Hong Kong

Interest: reading, film, hiking, running, darts and … keeping bee in my bonnet.
Believes that every life in the Nature has one’s own way, human beings too.

Elaphure (Ng Ka Ho) - General Studies teacher

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Master of Arts in English Language Studies
Chinese University of Hong Kong Postgraduate Diploma in Education
Hong Kong Baptist University Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (Major in Geography)

Taught in local primary schools for years
Love reading, organic farming, horticulture therapy ……
Concern and practise environmental education
Think globally, act locally

Share with you my favourite prayer:
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Serenity Prayer:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Lord, grant me
the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
the Courage to change the things I can;
and the Wisdom to know the difference.

Birdwing (Chan Ka Kan, Janet) - English teacher


Bachelor of Education (Honors) (Primary) –General Studies/ Mathematics (HKIEd)
Enjoys reading, playing badminton, travelling
Loves spending time with children, appreciates their frank and innocent nature

Eggplant (Cheung Hiu Ying) - Math. teacher


Bachelor of Arts in English Studies for the Professions (PolyU)
Master Of Arts in Media Studies (HKBU)
Loves adventure, nature and simple living; enjoys reading, watching movies and creative production
Believes that every child of God is unique and special. Hopes to grow happily and freely with them.


Water (Siu Yin Yu) - English and General Studies teacher


Master of Chinese Language and Literature (PolyU)
Enjoys reading, playing football and day-dreaming
Loves wandering in the ocean of books and running on the football field.
Loves striving for own goals and to search for happiness in life.

Little Shrimp (Wong Ho Yin) - Chinese teacher


Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language and Literature (HKU)
PGDE (Chinese Primary) (HKU)
Believes that everyone has his own unique value. Hopes to embrace her passion and to influence others by examples. Wishes to further explore the world and to better know herself.

Iris (Ho Ka Yan) - Chinese teacher


Bachelor of Science (Hon) in Psychology and English (University of Toronto)
PGDE (Secondary) in English (HKIEd)
HKU SPACE Diploma in Special Education
HKU SPACE Diploma in Theatre Studies
Loves literature, music, movies, drama, travelling, etc.
Believes in nature education and strives to exercise human-based education

Breeze (Chan Suk Wah) - English teacher


Founding member of R.T.C. Gaia School
Bachelor of Arts in Translation and Interpretation (Lingnan College)
PGDE in English (Secondary) (HKIEd)
HKU SPACE Diploma in Teacher Librarianship
5-year- teaching experience in caput school
Have two lovely daughters
Enjoy reading, hiking, singing, swimming, story-telling, cooking
Strive to live a green and simple life
Believe that small is beautiful, less is more

Egret (Choi Shan Yu, Esther) - English teacher


Bachelor of Social Sciences(Sociology) (CUHK)
Enjoys hiking, swimming and reading
‘Can’t believe I have been working here for so long! It’s the longest job I have ever stayed!’
Loves the natural and free atmosphere here at school. Grows again as she sees children growing everyday.

Maple Leaf (Wong Ka Ling) - General Studies teacher