The Teachers

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (P.E. and Maths), The Education University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Science (Applied Physics), Hong Kong Baptist University
Taught in village school for 9 years, held the post of school curriculum leader

Teaches Mathematics, P.E.
Loves mathematics, natural science, photography, reading, sports, etc.

Current director and senior mentor of Gaia Association
Present principal of R.T.C. Gaia School

Don’t worry, let children play in the nature to show their courage and creativity. They will grow and learn through failure and success. 

Starfish (Yip Chung Sing)

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre & Entertainment Arts (Set and Costume Design), The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Associate of Design (Advertising Design), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Hong Kong Community College
Seven years of arts education experience

Teaches Visual Arts
Enjoys taking rest, creative work, walking, traveling, mindfulness practice…etc

Arts is living, living in arts.

Winter (Lam Chui Kwan)

Bachelor of Arts (Chinese and History), City University of Hong Kong
Associate of Arts (Languages and Humanities), HKU SPACE Community College

Teaches Chinese, General Studies
Love to nap with cats, reading, dreaming and travelling

Gaia school is a school that fulfills my imagination of ideal education, and a family that my heart belongs to.

Sea Turtle (Li Tsz Ching)

Higher Diploma (Sport and Recreation Management), HKU SPACE PLK SH Community College

Teaches Chinese, Maths, P.E.
Interests in rousing other’s interest and curiosity

I hate studying so much. I may not know how to study well, but at least I understand what kind of teaching you will hate.

Firewood (Hui Ka Shun)

Master of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University
Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Special Needs and Maths), The Education University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Social Science, The University of Hong Kong
Graduate of 1st Nature Instructor Course, Gaia Education Limited
Taught in Special School for 10 years
Have one daughter

Teaches Mathematics
Interests in learning, reading and yoga

Life is like a journey, every step will lead to a new circumstance. Live with awareness, move step by step, create a world of truth, goodness and beauty together.

Wilderness (Yuen Hoi Yan)

Bachelor of Arts (Landscape Studies), The University of Hong Kong

Teaches Chinese, General Studies, Visual Arts
Interests in yoga, arts, nature, sports, etc.

Devoted to fulfill green living.
Be thankful to every moment of smile.


Sea Lion (Yu Wing Yan)

Master of Arts (Sport Studies), The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Arts (English Language) and Bachelor of Arts (English Language Teaching), The Open University of Hong Kong
Level 1 swimming coach, Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association
Level 1 surfing coach, International Surfing Association
Level 3 mountaineering and Level 3 sport climbing, China Hong Kong Mountaineering and Climbing Union
Top Rope Climbing Instructor, Association of Canadian Mountain Guides
Canoe Level 1 coach, Hong Kong Canoe Union
Challenge course High Event Level 1 coach, Challenge Course Association of Hong Kong, China

Teaches English, General Studies, P.E.

Loves mountains and ocean , enjoy climbing mountains and jumping into the water

Believe that kids’ learning should be delightful, teachers are here to develop their interest to explore. In nature, everyone is unique as they exist, with potential and meanings in lives to be flourished.

Little Fish (Yu Pei En)

Bachelor of Arts (Cultural Studies), Lingnan University
Hong Kong Registered Social Worker
Graduate of 2nd Waldorf Early Childhood Education Teacher Training Course, Hong Kong Waldorf Education Training Centre
Former mentor of Gaia Association
Consultant of Gaia Playgroup
Founding member of R.T.C. Gaia School
Have two daughters

Teaches Mathematics, General Studies
Loves inner discovery, retreat, reading, enjoy nature and the growth of mind and body.

Life is a journey of inner discovery, believes everything has it’s fate! Live in the present, experience life, always touched by the connection between humans! Strive to fulfill my belief, especially admire people-oriented autonomous learning!

Tree (Yeung Yuk Sau)

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Secondary, Liberal Studies), The Education University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media (Critical Intermedia Laboratory), City University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Education (Special Needs), The Education University of Hong Kong

Teaches Chinese, General Studies
Interests in reading, film, hiking, running, darts and … keeping bee in my bonnet.

Believes that every life in the Nature has one’s own way, human beings too.

Elaphure (Ng Ka Ho)

Master of Arts (English Language Studies), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Postgraduate Diploma in Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Arts (Geography), Hong Kong Baptist University
Taught in local primary schools for years

Teaches English, Planting
Loves reading, organic farming, horticulture therapy , etc.

Concern and practise environmental education
Think globally, act locally

Share with you my favourite prayer:
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Serenity Prayer:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Lord, grant me
the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
the Courage to change the things I can;
and the Wisdom to know the difference.

Birdwing (Chan Ka Kan, Janet)