Vision and Belief


  • To construct a safe, fearless, natural, simple, , inclusive and happy learning environment
  • Together with all teachers and students, to practice nature affective, people-oriented and responsible and autonomous learning; and to promote sustainable and green development values
  • To nurture our next generation who would love themselves, others and the nature




  • promotes experiential learning; connects people and nature
  • promotes nature education
  • promotes green and simple living
  • cultivates culture of sharing


People- oriented

  • We believe that everyone has innate motivation to learn. The prime responsibilities of teachers are to provide a safe, fearless and motivated environment for the children and to preserve their level of interest through appropriate guidance and encouragement.
  • Students own their learning while teachers facilitate it. Teachers should respect different traits of students.
  • Small is beautiful. We practice small-class teaching and maintain the school size at around 100 people. We promote the sense of belonging as a family and we encourage students’ participation on school matters.
  • Allow space for children to explore and to tackle issue and opportunities to express themselves and to have meaningful discussion with one another.


Responsible and Autonomous Learning

  • To cultivate responsible and autonomous learning attitude and ability
  • To learn to take care of oneself so as to learn how to make appropriate decision and to be committed to its possible consequences.